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The news this week has been dominated to the point of nausea by the Facebook IPO. Conspiracy theories are running rampant as are accusations, as are threats, as are lawsuits, as are opinions, as are just about everything else one can imagine.

Did Facebook, who supposedly lives to give the world a voice, also only live to give big money more big money by effectively cutting the little guy (i.e. most of its users) out of the IPO information trail? Did Facebook and Morgan Stanley essentially conspire to mislead investors as to how well Facebook is, or is not doing?

Honestly, I don’t know and it is certainly to the point where I don’t really care. The only news about Facebook that would be worth discussing at this point would be if there was a report that the business just closed its doors and called it a day. The rest of this hand wringing and dissection of the whole Facebook IPO debacle is taking up way too many bits and bytes and for what reason?

Did this IPO cause any SMB’s to stop trying to use the service to some end to help them move their business forward? If it did that SMB is in for a world of hurt. This focus on this single event is causing many to take their eye off the ball and also serving to make ‘news’ of this sort more important than information and advice that could actually move someone forward in their business.

If you are not someone of any particular status you are probably not seeing the supposed economic recovery we are supposedly undergoing. Political rhetoric is running in high gear trying to tell everyone just how good or bad things are right now. It’s just more words about things that don’t really reach street level folks, much like this whole Facebook IPO thing has done for the past week.

I know what I am going to do about it in my little corner of the world. I am going to walk away for the next three days. Not completely because I don’t operate that way. I will, however, walk away from any ‘news’ around Mark Zuckerberg’s wife or his billions. I will walk away from seeing how Sheryl Sandberg was at Harvard and mentioned nothing about the IPO ruckus. I will walk away from something that, in the end, really has no impact on me.

Instead I will relax this weekend and give some serious thought to the meaning of Memorial Day. I will try to connect with a family in St. Louis for our annual talk about how my grandfather gave his life and another family’s father / grandfather lived as a result over 67 years ago in the Battle of the Bulge. I will marvel at how I was able to find these people because of the Internet and I will reflect on best uses of today’s technology to bring people together in ways never dreamed of in my early lifetime.

I will say some prayers for those who served the United States of America in war time and gave their lives so that we can sit around and ponder things like social media and making money. And I will truly look at the whole of our situation as a country today and, as a result, I may even become a little sad because this past week has made it incredibly clear that our focus is off more than just a bit.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. I hope you think for a minute (if you are a US reader that is) about what others did for you so you can have a day off from work. It’s important to do from time to time. Much more important than some of things we have been prattling on about as of late.