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We’re very attached to our mobile phones. I don’t know about where you live, but here in Southern California it’s common to see people talking or texting while shopping, walking, driving, even while watching a movie (in spite of those clever ads made to make you shut it off.)

But as much as we love our phones, there’s one place where people are saying no — that’s in the sky.

A survey from flight comparisons site Skyscanner reveals that 86% of people are against mobile phones on airplanes. They say it would be ‘annoying to have to listen to other people’s conversations.’

It’s funny, because listening to someone talk on a cell phone is more annoying that two people having a conversation near by. Don’t know if it’s because we have a tendency to talk louder on the phone or maybe it’s a physiological thing about only being able to hear one side of the conversation.

With so many people against the idea, it’s easy to see why only 1% said they’d be willing to pay more to have mobile service on an airplane.

Skyscanner reports that Virgin Atlantic recently starting doing just that, charging for mobile in-flight phone calls at a cost of GBP1 a minute.

Though people objected to talking, they were in favor of mobile service that allowed them to participate in quiet activities. “48% said they would send texts, 35% said they would surf the web, 10% would send email, while only 6% would actually make and take calls.”

So if you’re looking for a break from a constantly buzzing cell phone, the sky may be your last refuge, but not for long.

How do you feel about encouraging mobile phone usage on airplanes?