YouTube Turns Casting Agent to Match Stars and Brands

You probably can’t afford to hire Kim Kardashian to hawk your jewelry line on YouTube but you might be able to afford a young YouTube fashion star who has a following all her own. To help you find her, YouTube is launching the Video Creation Marketplace, a platform designed to connect talent with brands of every size.

YouTube’s Baljeet Singh, told AdAge that there are already thousands of videographers making a living off their work. Many of them have already signed on to promote a brand but there are plenty more who are anxious to gain sponsorship.

The Video Creation Marketplace will feature profile pages showing a YouTubbers interests, their demographics, keywords and stats. Potential partners can peruse the list then make an offer and YouTube will stay out of it. They’re not getting involved in negotiations, they’re simply providing the platform.

Can eCommerce Thrive on Tumblr? One Company Says Yes

When looking to combine the power of social media with the revenue generation of ecommerce, Facebook would seem to be the place to go. However, attempts to sell actual goods through F-commerce haven’t fared all that well.

Pinterest seems the next logical choice, but monetization there is currently about affiliate links and nothing more.

Enter Coexist Digital and the Tumblr store.

I learned about this new venture from AdAge and I was fascinated, to say the least. Tumblr is one of those don’t care / can’t live without social sites, like LiveJournal. People who love it, really love it and they spend a good portion of their free time perusing the posts of others and adding to their endless stream of mostly graphical messaging.

SEO, Digital Marketing and the World of Indie Films

When we talk about SEO we are oftentimes talking about SEO for business products. We want to have our content come up during the discovery process that customers and prospective customers go through as often as possible. That can be intensely competitive when you are trying to market and sell things like life insurance or women’s shoes or (insert product here). But what about independent films?

Huh? How did we get here? Well, an email from the Co-founder and President of independent film company One World Studios Ltd., Zack Coffman, started the process. You see Zack gets it and simply notified us here at Marketing Pilgrim that had mentioned us as a top resource in an SEO post he did on the Sundance Institute’s site.

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Hitwise Says Google Search Share Down 5% Year Over Year

As Google celebrates the introduction of Jelly Bean, the progress of Project Glass and the birthday of Google+, it may have to take a bit of party-pooping news from the latest search market share data from Experian Hitwise regarding May’s search share numbers. The chart below says it all.

Google search is down 5% while Bing powered search is up 5% but still has under 30% of total search share at 28%.

As it is with every delivery of this kind of data each month, you can determine whether this is the beginning of the end of Google or whatever. Let’s just say that even with a hiccup like this in the year over year data Google is not terribly concerned. What is going to be more concerning will be if Apple takes a bite out of that 95% share of mobile search. Now that will be a story.

AOL’s Project Devil Ads Go Mobile

Back in September 2010, AOL announced a new kind of desktop ad system they called Project Devil. Devil ads are mini, branded playgrounds that serve up interactive content in the same places you’d find traditional banner ads.

A Devil ad for Nordstrom’s includes a fashion show video and a store finder. An ad for a movie includes the trailer, the buzz on Twitter and a link to buy tickets. Tour the inside of a car and click to get details on the features. Learn how to bake a cake then create a shopping list right from the app.

AOL says Devil ads have 4x the engagement rate, 3x the engagement time and increase purchase intent by 263%. And now, they’re coming to mobile.

Google+ Celebrates Their First Anniversary with a Tablet App, Event Tool, and More

Google+ is celebrating its first anniversary today and you can feel the electricity in the air. No, really. I mean it. There are folks, (granted, not a lot of them) over on Google+ posting about how this new social network has changed their life. Which leaves me wondering what I’ve missed.

Yesterday, at the Google I/O conference, a spokesperson said that Google+ now has 250 million registered users. They say 150 million of them are 30-day actives, and 50% sign in every day. Those that do sign in spend more than an hour on the site.

Not bad, except I have to wonder about the “sign-in” part. When I’m logged into Gmail, I have Google+ notifiers in the upper tool bar. Does that mean I’m “signed in?” The number I want is how many people actually update their status on a regular basis or even stop by to peruse their feed.