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Today, marketing mavens everywhere are all agog about a report from SocialCode which shows that Facebook mobile ads are more effective than Facebook web ads. Not just a little more but a lot more, 0.79% clickthrough rate on mobile, compared to 0.327% for web ads.


Here’s the thing, mobile ads on Facebook are pretty new, so it’s still a novelty for most. Second, SocialCode’s data pool came from a single week in June. What happens when you expand the pool to a whole month of data, six months of data? Want to bet that high clickthrough average on mobile will shrink?

Then there’s the issue of the accidental click. Mobile phones are small and it’s very easy to click an ad when you didn’t mean to. A year ago, Harris Interactive posted a study that said 47% of mobile app uses click ads by mistake. Take those clicks out of the equation and the distance between the web and the mobile ad gets a lot smaller.

Lastly, we have that big question, do clickthroughs matter? Sure, it’s how we measure these things but is anyone buying once they click? A recent study from comScore shows that clicking was the metric least likely to result in a conversion.

Now, before you go thinking that my glass is always half empty, let me tell you this. I believe that mobile can be a highly effective tool for marketers, but simply slapping a mini-banner ad at the bottom of an app isn’t going to do it. Mobile phones and tablets are hands-on, they’re about interactivity. If you can present a consumer with an interactive piece of content that relates to your brand, you’re gold.

Yesterday, I watched Storage Wars on TV. Why? Because they have a new second screen game app that was fun and I could win a prize. That convinced me to watch a show I wouldn’t normally watch. That’s how you make mobile convert.

Gamification, rewards, useable content –  these are the keys to marketing with mobile.

Do you have an example good mobile marketing? We’d love to hear about it.