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Bing reminds me of that old Avis slogan, “We’re only number 2, so we try harder.” It seems like they’re always out trying to make a great impression with fun and innovative campaigns.

The newest pitch involves a partnership with Yelp. Starting right this very moment, a venue search will return a column full of Yelp reviews, photos, and other data sitting right beside your main results. Thusly:

Very pretty. If you choose Local from the navigation bar, it opens up a more comprehensive page, also Powered by Yelp. The pages are well designed and easy to read, so kudos to everyone involved.

Now, if I may take a moment to address the folks at On The Border, check your Yelp listing. It says you’re only open 9-5 and closed on the weekends. Yikes. Brand managers, seriously, review these online pages!

Back to Bing. As TechCrunch points out, this Yelp partnership is particularly interesting because Google once thought about buying Yelp, but ended up going with Zagat instead. I say bad move. Zagat may be seen as more of an authority, but the results that show up on the page aren’t as pleasing to the eye.

Bottom line is this. Bing keeps trying harder and I give them credit for that. I loved their Rudolph campaign over the holidays, I enjoyed the tie-in content they produced for The CW, and I dig that they give me points when I search. All great. . . and yet I still use Google as my search engine.

What does that tell you? It tells you that bells and whistles don’t trump a good search experience and for me, Bing is still number two.

Have you made the switch to Bing?