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Facebook is continuing its drive to get money out of those using the service or, more accurately, those who are trying to reach those who are using the service. It’s no surprise that Facebook will be doing whatever it can to monetize the ‘community’ of 900 million they have ammassed.

Bloomberg first reported this new advertising option

Facebook Inc. (FB) plans to introduce real-time bidding for advertising on its site, a technology used by Google Inc. (GOOG) and other Web companies to more effectively target ads to consumers.

The service, Facebook Exchange, will let advertisers reach specific types of users on the social network based on their browsing history, Annie Ta, a company spokeswoman, said in an interview yesterday. Prices will be based on the cost per thousand viewers and spots will be sold via third-party technology partners. It will debut within weeks, she said.

Some are already upset at the cost per thousand pricing vs. a pay per click model. Of course, it’s something done by Facebook so there will be intense haters. Heck, there would likely be haters if Facebook negotiated a real and lasting deal for world peace. It’s just how people feel about the company.

The Bloomberg piece continues

With Facebook Exchange, marketers will be able to target people who have perused certain kinds of websites in the past based on cookies, or small pieces of code, that can track activities on the Web. For example, users who have visited travel sites to research trips to Hawaii may later see a promotion on Facebook about hotels in Hawaii.

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Back to the action. Since this is a third party play it might be good to know exactly who those players are

The company’s technology partners for selling ads based on user browsing patterns include TellApart Inc., Turn Inc., Triggit, DataXu Inc., MediaMath Inc., AppNexus Inc., The Trade Desk Inc. and, Ta said.

In the end, this is just part of the evolution of Facebook as a money maker and one that now has public company status. These kind of ‘announcements’ should be coming at an even more rapid rate especially if Facebook’s stock continues its poor performance.

How are your Facebook ad efforts going? Is this kind of option appealing to you? What would like to see in a Facebook advertising product that isn’t already in place? Exchange some thoughts in the comments (get it?).