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While there are still many, many shortcomings of Facebook’s mobile experience, the move to larger photos has made it easier to be updated on what is going on with the folks in your life.

It’s been a good move for Facebook which could use some good news these days since its stock has slid southward nearly 30% since its ‘legendary’ IPO of a few short weeks ago.

Now Facebook will be rolling out the bigger picture plus bigger text look for the web version of the service. Maybe staring at screens all day is speeding the need for larger print versions of even the latest and greatest in the tech space? Not likely but it’s kind of humorous to consider.

TechCrunch reports

If you liked the larger photos that Facebook introduced to its mobile news feed last month, here’s some good news: It’s bringing a similar redesign to its Web interface.

Specifically, Facebook says photos in the news feed will now be enlarged to up to 2x their previous size, and displayed in a new layout that can bring more photos from an album into the feed. Text in news feed posts is also going to be larger and wider spaced.

Some will not like this because it’s change and Facebook users hate change (supposedly) but it does give many something to do with their ‘full’ lives. Here is a comparison of before and after for you to ruminate over and wonder if this is the end of the world as you know it.

Another notable change for those using Facebook for business will be that this photo change will now also impact photos from Facebook Pages which had been left out of previous photo upgrades on the service.

Inside Facebook reports

When Facebook increased the size of images in the desktop feed last year, it did so only for photos posted by users, not from pages. It seemed the company wanted prevent pages from putting ad-like images in the feed, but it put pages — even those that posted content fans would appreciate — at a disadvantage. See an example of how an album currently appears from a page to the right. With the redesign, pages will be able to occupy more than twice as much News Feed space as before.

So expect to see these changes over the next few days as Facebook rolls them out gradually. Are you excited?