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We all have had the experience of the embarrassing Facebook typo. Of course, if you are really worried about those things you have gone through the process required to make your comments look just right. I personally just let the mistake lie which I can’t figure out if it’s honest or just lazy.

Well, for all of you perfect comment leavers out there Facebook has finally figured out that just about 900 million people have wanted to be able to edit comments since about 8 years ago. No one said they weren’t paying attention!

TechCrunch’s Josh Constine reports

Facebook tells me comment editing is rolling out now and will become available to everyone in the next few days on the web. There’s no comment editing yet in Facebook’s embeddable comment widget for websites or from mobile yet where that damn auto-correct lurks. Also, you still can’t edit original posts, all of which would be much more helpful than this. But I guess if you have to say or spell something wrong, do it from your desktop on someone else’s news feed post.

Now one cool thing that Facebook is going to do is show the edit history of the comment so if you are a serial revisionist you will be known as such to those who care to call you out on that kind of thing.

While this all sounds well and good, it is not known of this feature will be available on the social comment plug-in like we use here at Marketing Pilgrim.

What we should focus on in this update is that it will be seen as yet another shortcoming of the Facebook mobile experience. Mobile is the thing that has made investors question the long term viability of the company. It’s the thing that many think is the Achilles Heel of the mighty social media giant.

Let’s face it. The world is becoming more and more mobile and Facebook keeps improving its desktop experience. Doesn’t that make you wonder if they can really pull this off over the long run? No prediction here. Just an observation and a question. How do you think it will end up eventually?

  • James McAllister

    Aww, but the beauty of facebook comments is seeing all the goofs people make when speaking in public (well, the internet version of public speaking). Particularly parents and grandparents, I’m not sure they understand what the internet actually is… haha oh well, I barely use fb anyway. Thanks for the article!