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Love it or hate it, Google+ is still getting around to more and more places these days. Whether by force like the removal of Google Place Pages in favor of Google+ Local or agreements like this one announced with Flipboard, Google is promoting Google+ in ways that many may not have imagined.

This one is quite interesting in that Google’s own Currents, which competes with Flipboard, is being put at risk, so to speak, because Google is admitting that Flipboard is where the people are currently (pun completely intended).

The Next Web concurs

What does this mean for Currents, Google’s own social news magazine/reader? Given that Google has partnered with a rival, it would be safe to assume that the company is doing all it can to expand the reach of Google+ content by partnering with the most well-known and popular reader apps available.

TechCrunch adds

Google+ honcho Bradley Horowitz announced one more Google+ partner at LeWeb today, tablet news app Flipboard. Flipboard joins Buddy Media, Hootsuite, Context Optional, Hearsay Social, Involver and Vitrue as a Google+ “trusted” partner.

The API will soon allow Flipboard users to Google+ comment on and +1 Flipboard items, in addition to sending individualized pieces of content to Google+ Circles. “It works like it should,” said Horowitz, “Flipboard has done an amazing job.“

If Google wants to keep making the bullseye that is painted on it by regulators and anyone else who hates the free market smaller, it will need to continue to look for partnerships with best of breed solutions rather than trying to create their own versions of popular services. The further they get away from their core (which Google+ is already) the worse things will get. It looks like they may be finally admitting that on some level.

These announcements came at the Le Web conference in London but Robert Scoble’s mention in one line of his Google+ post on the subject is the one that should catch everyone’s eye. He said

He [Horowitz] also announced that Google+ will never include advertising. Never is a long time, but it’s clear that they want to provide the industry-leading user experience.

UPDATE: Apparently Robert Scoble misheard or ‘misremembered’ (otherwise known as a Roger Clemens) exactly what Mr. Horowitz said. A Google spokesperson contacted us pointing out that Scoble updated his position in a Google+ post by saying

Also, sorry to +Bradley Horowitz for getting his quote wrong (apparently he didn’t say they would never put ads on Google+). I’ll work with him to get it fixed up.

That’s too bad because it was the best part of the story!

Never is indeed a long time and the phrase “Never say never” is popular for very real reasons. But now that the cat is out of the bag people we can start to wonder just what Google+ might grow up to be in the near future. One thing it appears it won’t be is the clutter of advertising that Facebook is slowly becoming. That, in and of itself, is something that we should all be keeping an eye on as we move ahead in the social space.

Would the idea of an ad free social environment be enough to make you want to make the move and convince your friends to do it as well? With the way Facebook is toying with personal data and the continued uneasiness amongst certain types of users this could be kind of carrot that might be enough to get people to at least give Google+ a fair shake. In fact, maybe it’s time I am one of them myself.

What about you?