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Sound the horns and unfurl the flags, it’s time for the June 2012 S.M.A.R.T. Report from Millennial Media. The report takes a look back at the trends of Q1 and it’s Sports for the win!

Sports apps nearly doubled quarter-over-quarter, landing at number six for Top Mobile Applications. The category didn’t crack the top ten for spending, but it took the prize for the biggest spending growth.

I’m not a sports person, but I’ve depended on my NHL iPad app to keep me up to date on the Stanley Cup Playoffs (Yeah, Kings!) and I’m anxiously waiting for the new Olympic apps from NBC. So if this category got me hooked, then it’s got real potential.

Travel also showed tremendous growth in spend, landing them in third place for total spend under Telecommunications and Finance. I was surprised to see Entertainment coming in fifth. With all of the big summer movies, I expected to see more money going into mobile.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting is a big factor in mobile marketing so, for the first time, Millennial Media added a chart to show the trends in that area.

I don’t know if I should feel good or bad about that fact that I fall into several of listed categories. I’m a Movie Buff, and Entertainment Fan, a Small Business Decision Maker and to some extent, a Gadget Geek. No wonder I get so many solicitations, I’m on everyone’s list!

Once they had their target in sight, it was time to solicit some action.

42% of mobile campaigns ended with an application download. That was followed by Enroll / Subscribe with 34% and a Mobile Social option with 21%.

Now, want to see something really amazing? Check out this visual showing the growth in mobile video views year-over-year.

That’s just crazy right there, that’s what that is.

Phones are getting smarter so marketers have to get smarter, too. It’s way past time to add some mobile into the marketing plan.