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Father’s Day is two weeks away and folks are out shopping. Lucky for you, 56% of them will be scouring online sources for the perfect gift.

PriceGrabber’s 2012 Father’s Day Shopping survey shows smooth sailing ahead for shopping sons, daughters and wives. 70% said they were planning to spend about the same amount they spend on mom, for her special day and for the majority of folks, that’s under $100.

While many consumers will be shopping online, only 2% said they’d be using a mobile device to do it, which is surprisingly low.

How will they decide where to shop? 59% said they’d be influenced by free shipping, 48% wanted to see price cuts and 36% would be swayed by a coupon.

41% of shoppers said they were looking for practical gifts. Around a quarter figured they go with hobby-related items or entertainment such as games, DVDs and music. Only 21% were brave enough to pick out clothing or accessories for dear old dad.

18% of dads are going to be extra happy this year, because they’ll be on the receiving end of a new tablet, smartphone or other electronic item.

Since shoppers are going online to shop, this is prime-time. 30% said they’d be shopping two weeks prior, 28% would wait until the last week. Only 12% expected to wait until the last minute. That’s a misleading stat, since it’s likely that anyone who took the time to fill out this survey is an organized person who has the date boldly marked on their calendar.

Finally, don’t count out the daily deal site. 40% of shoppers said they’d use a deal site such as Groupon or PriceGrabber local to get the most bang for their buck.

Is your online store ready for Father’s Day? Are you?