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Before we get going here, I just need to state that I am not a big NBA fan. I watch during the playoffs when it seems interesting. Right now, the NBA Finals are happening with the Miami Heat and their crew of superstars taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder (the former Seattle SuperSonics) and their up and coming youngsters. This year this is enough to catch my attention as a sports fan.

As a social media user and observer I was caught a bit off guard by the ad I saw last night which promoted the NBA’s first annual social media awards show on NBA TV. The image below is from the NBA’s site touting this show.

Hosted by the larger than life Shaquille O’Neal and the ‘he’s still around?’ Rick Fox the show is designed to give fans a chance to relive the 2011-2012 season from the social media point of view. Not a bad idea in theory. I wonder how it will look in practice.

The awards categories try to make the NBA look hip with names like the “LOL Award” and #TRENDSETTER award. There is even a MVT award which I am assuming (since the site doesn’t say it) is “The Most Valuable Tweet” award? A bit much for me but who said this kind of show would be a lay up (rimshot please!).

So do you think that in the future there will be as much anticipation to the run-up of the NBA Social Media Awards as there is the Oscars or of the seemingly thousands of country music awards shows? Me neither but I give the NBA credit for trying to conjure up something that will set it apart. In the world of social media noise we are creating more and more each day the need to stand out with some original thinking will be required for any type of success.

Don’t expect a review of the show here unless I and up being really bored on the evening of the 20th. If you check it out let us know your thoughts. Speaking of that, what are they before it even happens?

UPDATE: While I held true to my threat of not watching there were many others who did and some, like the folks at Dream Systems Media, who not only watched but put together this neat presentation of the winners. Thanks for tip Mat! Enjoy.