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‘Brave New Moms: Navigating Technology’s Impact on Family Time,’ is a new study from Yahoo and Starcom MediaVest Group. The findings, which were unveiled at the 2012 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, demonstrate the love / hate relationship that many moms have with technology.

On one hand, 71% of moms said that technology was part of family together time. On the other hand, 52% said that technology was a distraction.

Where tech really comes into play is as mom’s personal assistant. Many of the moms in the study talked about the importance of maintaining family traditions but noted that what we did then doesn’t always work now. So moms are turning to the internet to help them come up with new family traditions and find shortcuts that can help keep the old traditions alive.

Moms are also using technology to “relive” family moments with digital photos, videos, blogs, even Facebook pages. These are the modern versions of the old family scrapbook and they’re making it easier for mom to preserve the memories and share them with friends.

And here’s a sad note from the study;  64% of moms globally read to their kids, but only 17% claim to enjoy it.

Insert frown here.

Lauren Weinberg, VP, Research & Insights, Yahoo! says;

“More and more, moms are aware of both the opportunities and challenges that result from constantly being plugged in, and they are struggling to find a way to create moments that are memorable and lasting as opposed to just running down to-do lists. This study goes a long way toward helping us understand the importance of creating and capturing meaningful family time. As moms shift away from efficiency and towards meaning, there are ample opportunities for brands to help be part of this movement.”

If she’s right, that’s a big shift. Previously, we’ve seen moms latching on to apps and tools that help them get things done faster, a recipe app from Kraft, an e-card website from Hallmark, cleaning tips from P&G. Now, it seems, moms are looking for a different kind of solution, ones that helps bring the family closer together. Solutions such as a dedicated family movie section on Netflix, branded games for the iPad, or a geo-location app that tracks all of the places the family has visited together in the past year.

Think of it as moving from ‘getting things done’ time to quality time.

84% of the moms in this survey said that planning family activities was worth the effort as long as a special moment was involved. All you have to do is figure out how to make your brand a part of that special moment and you’ll have a customer for life.