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An article this morning takes a look at some data from earlier this year which is good news for those selling online ad space but not so much for those of us that wish this election year cycle would be over with already (that would be me).

eMarketer took some data from Borrell Associates that predicted the rise in spending for online ad spending this year would be up over 600% for the election year. Of course, as a percentage of overall ad spend the numbers are still minuscule at a predicted $159 million overall but since I spend more time online than anywhere else that spend might get in the way of my Internet experience. Oh happy freakin’ day!

We should consider that this is only purchased time in the online space. The political rhetoric and more that flies around for free will be a much, much bigger volume which is both the beauty and the curse of the social space.

So where should these pillars of American society be advertising to reach the online denizens that might have to actually leave their houses in November to do that old fashioned voting thing? The chart below from Burst Media gives some hints.

That entertainment sites are even an option for some people to get political information to base their vote on is reason enough for me to go into hibernation and wait until this thing is over and done. Come to think of it, hibernation may be the only way to avoid what is only going to get more and more ugly.

How do you feel about seeing political ads in your online experience? Where do you go to get information that you can at least feel somewhat confident about regarding the political landscape and the options you have? Tell us in the comments.