Bing’s Social and Search Mash Up Goes Out to All Today

Bing has officially rolled out their new search experience that tries to closely tie your social world with your search needs.

What better way to explain what this is than a one of the new 30 second commercials you are likely to see more of in the coming days, weeks and months.

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Survey Says Social Media Butterflies Will Rule During the London Olympic Games

The Taylor Brand Counsel Group sees digitally savvy moms as social media butterflies who flutter around the web connecting and conversing at a rate well above that of normal men.

According to the results of their recent survey, these moms are going to be a huge part of the buzz surrounding the London 2012 Olympic Games. Though they aren’t usually big sports fans, the Olympics are a whole different animal. More than half of the moms surveyed said they will be tuning in and talking up the event from the opening ceremonies on through the extinguishing of the flame.

This year will be the biggest in terms of coverage. NBC is committed to covering every single event. They’ll be live streaming over 5,000 hours of footage online and 272 hours on TV.  To go along with that, they have mobile apps for the tablets and smartphones.

Can Healthcare’s Immune System Fight Off the Social Media Virus?

In our continuing efforts to bring you many different voices in the Internet and social media marketing world we decided to ask one of the leading experts in the field of social media and healthcare, Greg Matthews of WCG, a few questions about this interesting and complicated corner of social media.

The healthcare field is in a constant struggle regarding patient privacy, HIPAA regulations and more because it is dealing with some of the most personal issues possible. If information about health issues are made public it could impact a person’s life in a myriad ways having potential personal and professional implications.

So how do you reconcile the relatively new open social Internet with a subject as highly personal as healthcare without opening up a veritable Pandora’s box of issues? Well, that’s why we asked Greg to help us out. Here are his insights.