Google’s SEO Essentials for Startups

Since we have a lot of SEO’s who read Marketing Pilgrim, we figured we would just share this with you. It was posted today on the Google Developer’s blog. It is essentially a 10 minute SEO guide for startups. I bet it wasn’t long ago that Google cringed when others did this kind of thing now the are doing it! Oh how the times have changed.

We figured why not let you watch it, draw your own conclusions and see if Google is giving the best information for the startups of the world.

Your thoughts?

Quick Survey: Facebook’s Email Change ….. Like?

Facebook made the move to have all users account emails be their email address by default.

As with any Facebook change the reaction has been interesting. Not aware of the change? Here is a quick description from TechCrunch:

Now everyone’s personal email addresses have been hidden from their profiles, regardless of previously selected privacy settings. Instead, your contact info is the only one visible to people with permission to see your email addresses. This makes it harder for friends to contact you via third-party email unless you reset your controls.

We just wanted to take the temperature of our readers regarding this move with a quick survey. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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Thanks again!

As of 3:35pm on 6.26.12 it appears as if 75% of our respondents think this was a bad move, 9% said it was a good move and 17% couldn’t care less.

Are you surprised?

Content Marketing: Building an Engaged Audience

Content marketing is such an easy thing to say. It just rolls off the tongue and you can sound incredibly smart in a meeting when you give the mandate that “We must be more active and intentional in our content marketing efforts so we can develop a truly engaged audience!” There is a smattering of golf applause around the meeting room when you lay this one on your fellow marketers. Way to go!

Then there is the reality of said content marketing. Suddenly the pretty words become a millstone around your neck when you have the realization that all the writing and creation is time consuming and not so easy. Oh and why did you have to be so bold about engagement? A little less Red Bull maybe?

Well, never fear there are folks out there who have done this stuff and are willing to share. This infographic from BlueGlass pulls on their wide experience as well as that of the folks at Copyblogger. Let’s just say you will be hard pressed to find more experience in this area.

So click through to see the entire infographic and get busy with that content marketing effort to build the elusive engaged audience!

YouTube’s Top Partner Channels Performing Well

As if we needed another indicator that video is something most, if not all, marketers should be paying attention to, right?

Nielsen started to measure the streaming output of thousands of YouTube partners in May of this year and their findings show that the top of the list brings YouTube some rather serious traffic. When looking at the chart below do remember that YouTube as a whole gets about 136 million unique visitors a month from the US who stream some 16 billion videos.

So what should this be telling you as a marketer? Hopefully not that you need to start to stream music videos to get attention for your brand since many of these top performers from Nielsen’s findings are doing just that.

What is the Best Day to Launch a Social Media Campaign? Not the One We’re All Using

According to a new report by Yesmail Interactive, Friday is the most popular deployment day for social media marketing campaigns. Trouble is, Tuesday is the day that brings in the most engagement so a lot of marketers are wasting their time.

The numbers come from Yesmail’s “Using Digital Market Intelligence to Drive Multi-Channel Success” report. It’s packed with all kinds of valuable tidbits, but today we’re going to look at the results related to time and day. Why? Because these are the easiest areas to fix.

Yesmail came to their numbers by analyzing the marketing campaigns of top retailers such as The Gap, J Crew, The Limited, and Old Navy.

YouTube Bumps Up to Fourth in Traffic as of May 2012

In May of 2012, more people than ever were active online and they even increased the amount of time they spent there.

New monthly numbers from Nielsen show that approximately 212 million Americans went online in the lusty month, up from 210 million in April.

Average time on site also rose from 28:56:40 to 29:07:48.

The top five sites all saw an increase in traffic, but YouTube’s increase was big enough to bump it up to fourth place over MSN/WindowsLive/Bing.

Here’s how it all turned out:

At the bottom of the chart, Amazon gained traffic but lost its place to Wikipedia, which rose to the eighth spot. The other surprise is Ask, knocking Apple out of the tenth spot.

Can Google’s Redesigned Mobile Ads Really Increase CTR’s by 100%?

If Google is going to claim a click through rate increase of 100% in their new mobile ad format then this is something to at least take note of, right?

On Friday, Google posted the following on their Inside AdWords blog.

People use their mobile devices to discover and engage with the world around them. Searching for local information is one of the most common activities on mobile – in the US, 94% of respondents said they had done so, and nearly every surveyed country reported numbers over 80%. With Google Maps, they make informed decisions about places to see, shops to visit, meals to eat, and more.

To enable advertisers to better connect with potential customers via mobile search, we have redesigned our local ad formats for Google Maps for Mobile. These have produced measurable results – in initial tests, these redesigned formats increased click-through-rates by 100%. This visual redesign will be rolling out today to the newer versions of Android phones.

The difference is striking. Here is the before

VS the new