Twitter Enhances Verified Account Viewing

I am writing about territory that I am rarely in these days so pardon any ignorance that may make its way into this post.

Twitter announced yesterday that it will be making an improvement in how you can view a verified account profile on Verified accounts are normally brands, athletes and musicians and they are the accounts that rack up the huge following numbers (and know how valuable all those followers actually are, right?). So why is this not my area of expertise? Well, it’s twofold. I don’t use Twitter via and I don’t follow any of those types (usually). Of course, I am not in the majority on this I suspect but isn’t that what makes social media grand?

Simply put now Twitter users have a choice to be able to view a profile with all tweets (meaning it includes @ replies) or just that account’s timeline of tweets without the @ replies (which is the default setting). Here’s a picture from the Twitter blog of one example

Facebook Cozies Up to Ad Agencies with New Creative Council

Facebook just released the details on two new programs, The Creative Council and Facebook Studio Edge, which they say “underscore how vital the agency community is to what’s possible on Facebook.”

How nice for them.

The Creative Council is made up of 14 agency execs who have agreed to take time away from driving their staff into the ground (hey, I watch The Pitch) to help make Facebook a better place for advertisers. Now, since this is a site called Marketing Pilgrim and advertising is a part of marketing, you’d think I’d be excited by this venue.

I’m not.

LinkedIn Adds Targeted Updates and Stats for More Effective Communication

LinkedIn is back with yet another update designed to help your company make a bigger social media splash. It begins with Targeted Status Updates. Now, when you post on LinkedIn, you’ll have the option of sending the update to a select audience.

Begin by deciding if you want to include your own employee followers, then start mixing and matching from demographics from five different buckets; company size, industry, function, seniority, and geography.

This kind of targeting is extremely useful for anyone in the B2B biz because it eliminates irrelevant posts, making the posts that do come through more valuable to your end user.

Flipboard To Add Google+ Streams

Love it or hate it, Google+ is still getting around to more and more places these days. Whether by force like the removal of Google Place Pages in favor of Google+ Local or agreements like this one announced with Flipboard, Google is promoting Google+ in ways that many may not have imagined.

This one is quite interesting in that Google’s own Currents, which competes with Flipboard, is being put at risk, so to speak, because Google is admitting that Flipboard is where the people are currently (pun completely intended).

The Next Web concurs

What does this mean for Currents, Google’s own social news magazine/reader? Given that Google has partnered with a rival, it would be safe to assume that the company is doing all it can to expand the reach of Google+ content by partnering with the most well-known and popular reader apps available.

Getting More From Facebook [Infographic]

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a resident social media scientist like our Inbound Marketing channel sponsor, HubSpot does in Dan Zarrella?

You could check in with him in his lab, with all the beakers and tubes that contain smoking and bubbling liquids of various colors. Then you could ask him a question like “What are some of the things we should know to get more likes, comments and shares on Facebook?”

Then you let the scientist do his sciencey (yes I just made that word up, thank you) kinda things and after some unexplained explosions and the like you get a nice infographic like the one we have for you today.

So what does it take to get these elusive things? Click through to check out the results. Then get back to your own lab quickly to start using these findings to grow your business.

Tablet Owners Love Content and They’ll Pay For it, Too

It wasn’t long ago, we were talking about how attached we’ve all become to our cell phones, particularly our iPhones. A recent survey by Gazelle shows that the majority of iPhone owners would rather give up sex, even Facebook, than go without their phones for a weekend.

But when it comes to securing a place in our hearts, iPhones ain’t got nothing on tablets. The average tablet owner spends 13.9 hours a week caressing that smooth screen. 74% do it daily and 60% do it several times a day.

The numbers come from a newly released Online Publishers Association (OPA) report called “A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User – Wave II.

They found that tablet usage mostly happens at home between 5 and 11 pm. And what are they doing with their tablets? Mostly, accessing content.


Back to School Shoppers Expect to Spend More and Sooner in 2012

School’s out! And that means it’s time to start thinking about back-to-school shopping for the 2012-2013 school year. That may sound crazy, but a new survey by PriceGrabber shows that people are planning to shop more and shop sooner than last year.

The survey shows that 17% will begin shopping in June and 35% in July, 43% in August and only 3% in September. This represents a shift toward shopping earlier which means back-to-school retailers need to be ready right now.

Part of the reason for the shift is that consumers expect to spend more and they want to spread out the cost. 46% said they’d be spending more than last year. In 2011, only 13% said they’d be spending more. That’s a huge jump that should be good news for retailers.