Oh Joy! Online Political Ad Spend Predicted to Be Up Over 600% From Last Election

An article this morning takes a look at some data from earlier this year which is good news for those selling online ad space but not so much for those of us that wish this election year cycle would be over with already (that would be me).

eMarketer took some data from Borrell Associates that predicted the rise in spending for online ad spending this year would be up over 600% for the election year. Of course, as a percentage of overall ad spend the numbers are still minuscule at a predicted $159 million overall but since I spend more time online than anywhere else that spend might get in the way of my Internet experience. Oh happy freakin’ day!

NBA to Host First Annual Social Media Awards

Before we get going here, I just need to state that I am not a big NBA fan. I watch during the playoffs when it seems interesting. Right now, the NBA Finals are happening with the Miami Heat and their crew of superstars taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder (the former Seattle SuperSonics) and their up and coming youngsters. This year this is enough to catch my attention as a sports fan.

As a social media user and observer I was caught a bit off guard by the ad I saw last night which promoted the NBA’s first annual social media awards show on NBA TV. The image below is from the NBA’s site touting this show.

Is Google+ Getting Ready to Add Ads?

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited Google+. They redesigned the site back in April but I only saw it for the first time today.

The navigation ribbon on the site is excellent. So much better than the crazy navigation Facebook provides. What I’m not sold on is the whole box within a box post set-up that drifts to the left of the page. What’s on the right? A great, big, mostly empty sidebar that would be just perfect for ads.

Looking at other examples, I see that the sidebar is designed to hold a list of of friends who are currently online and available for chat. But that’s kind of a waste of good real estate, don’t you think?

Who You Gonna Call? Facebook Hopes it’s Your Friends

Facebook, the king of unannounced changes, has added a Call button to some profile pages. There’s no picture on the button and no description of what will happen when you click it – so I did and got a box saying I need to set up Video Chat in order to chat with the person whose button I pushed.

As usual, the rhyme of reason of who has the button and who doesn’t eludes me. According the the Facebook Video Calling FAQ page, two of my friends have video calling enabled. Neither has a Call button. Only one friend had a Call button even though he apparently doesn’t have video calling enabled.

Oh, the madness.

Ads Integrity Alliance Looks to Rid Net of Bad Ads

The effort to self police internet advertising is gaining momentum. Just recently it was discovered that Microsoft had set a ‘do not track’ setting as the default in IE 10. Fortunately, that ill-advised move was retracted but it goes to show that if the industry doesn’t do something, anyone and everyone might. That will end badly.

So the umbrella group of StopBadware has helped spawn the Ads Integrity Alliance. If you are unaware of who StopBadware is (honestly I was) here is the description from the website.

Come Join the Marketing Pilgrim Crew at Search Exchange this July

We know how it is. There are a ton of search engine conferences all vying for your precious time and hard-earned dollars.

One that should be high on your list is Search Exchange 2012, being held in Charlotte, NC this July 23 through 25th.

It’s going to be Search Exchange’s biggest event yet, and the list of expert speakers includes a power-team from Marketing Pilgrim: Frank Reed, Joe Hall, and myself.

And, check this out, registration for the 3-day event is just $500!

You can register here.

See you there!

Tablets To Be Used By Over 20% of US Internet Users in 2012

Hey, in case you haven’t heard or that rock you are living under has an airtight and soundproof seal, the use of tablets is increasing. When I read things like this I have same reaction as that baby in the etrade commercial when he rolls out his ‘surprised‘ face. We all get that tablets are important.

Tablets are so entrenched that Microsoft is even rumored to be getting into the tablet game. Some may take that kind of revelation as a signal that the tablet market is dying since Microsoft isn’t exactly the model of cutting edge success in the gadget space (remember Zune?). But I digress.

Here are some statistics though that help frame the growth of the tablet and mobile Internet space. It comes from a study completed by eMarketer just this month.