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If you want to know what’s happening in ecommerce marketing, all you need to do is crack open ExactTarget’s latest Subscribers, Fans & Followers report called Retail Touchpoints Exposed.

The report details the off-line, online, mobile and social media marketing efforts of the 100 hottest retailers. Today, we’re going to look at that last part and see what we can see.

At the start, it’s clear that social sharing is now a common factor in online marketing. 87% of the retailers promoted their Facebook pages and 84% promoted their Twitter account. Only 14%  displayed a Pinterest icon, but that number doubled in the time it took them to put their report together making it the fastest growing social icon on the web.

Of the retailers that had ecommerce pages, 90% of them including social sharing buttons on product pages. The majority had Facebook like buttons, around 69% had an “email to friend” link, barely half had a “Tweet This” button.

Pinterest’s “Pin It” button showed up on 22% of product pages, which is pretty hefty given that the service is still unfamiliar to most. What’s really wacky? 26% of the ecommerce sites had Google+ links on product pages, so I guess they’re not out yet.


By combining the Facebook page stats for the 100 retailers, then dividing by 1, ExactTarget found that the average company had 1,187,957 likes with a 1.95% fan engagement rate. Is that good or bad?

They also found that it took an average of 7 hours for a brand to answer a question posted to the site. In 51% of the cases, another consumer answered the question before the brand did.

That’s both good and bad. It’s good that they have customers who are knowledgeable and are willing to share the knowledge. It’s bad in that it makes it look like the company is non-responsive. And, who is to say if the consumer is giving out the right answer.

On average, these brand pages had 8 tabs, most of which were custom promos. Remember, they’re looking at the top retailers here, the ones who can afford to have custom pages and big ad campaigns. Most small business owners aren’t going to be able to deliver the same Facebook experience.

What’s important is engagement. ExactTarget emphasizes that likes aren’t enough. In order to spread your brand message, users have to engage with the content, sharing and commenting so it shows up on their pages as well as yours.


The number here show that retailers are Tweeting an average of only 8 Tweets a week and 50% of those are promotional. 77% use Twitter to answer customer questions and 54% Tweet about Facebook.

What’s lacking is the weekend Tweet. As this is prime shopping time, brands should be out there actively pushing but as most brands run social media as part of their work week activities, weekend Tweeting is under used.

That’s just a tiny fraction of the data included in ExactTarget’s latest report. If you want more, you can download the PDF for free, just visit their Subscribers, Fans & Followers site and choose the Retail Touchpoints Exposed.