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Do you reply when a fan leaves a comment on your company Facebook Page? Does it matter if it’s positive or negative? Do you answer questions? In other words, are you interacting with your social media fans or just using your Page as a one-way street?

A new report from Socialbakers shows that most companies are missing out on this golden opportunity to engage their customers. And here in the U.S., we’re really blowing it big time.

Socialbakers used their Socially Devoted (to you) program to look at social media response time. What they found was that “on average, companies respond to only 30 percent of social media fans’ feedback.” The average response time, 26 hours.

Looking at the companies that are getting it right, you’ll see they fall mostly into the areas of telecommunications, the mobile, finance and airlines and they’re based outside of the U.S.

On the other hand, 25% of global companies didn’t allow any kind of interaction on their Facebook Page. Now that’s a real waste.

Looking strictly at U.S. companies, Socialbakers says Walmart, Subway, Disneyland and Target have the most popular Facebook Pages. Target is the fastest growing page and for some reason, The Metropolitan Museum of Art lost thousands of fans this week. What’s that all about? Maybe they didn’t respond to customer questions fast enough.

Lesson for the day, be responsive to your social media fans. Facebook makes it easy. You’ll find all of the recent comments and likes in the Notification section of your admin panel. Make that your first stop whenever you hit the page. Then all you have to do is click and let your followers know you’re listening.