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I’ve become somewhat of an iPad junkie in the past few months. I use it for reading, games, shopping, and social interaction. What I’ve noticed is an increase in video ads. Even more importantly, I’ve noticed an increase in my own click-through percentage.

While I rarely click on a video ad online, I often click them on the iPad. Often I do it because the ad comes with a reward. Also, I’m usually working on the computer, but the iPad is fun time, so the video ads don’t feel as disruptive. Whatever the reason, video ads are getting the job done and that lines up nicely with the results of a new study by Medialets.

Their study found that mobile rich media ads that include video have an average of 35% higher Engagement Rate. Nice. They also found that adding any kind of interactive element to a mobile ad could increase time spent to over 1 minute.

That’s 60 full seconds of attention devoted to a single ad. And not just, “I’m sitting here waiting for this to end” attention, but actual engagement.

Medialets says the click-through rate on mobile rich media ads “averages above 1%, significantly higher than online averages.”

Overall, Medialets found that about 30% of tablet ads contain video. On smartphones, only 12%. The top users come from entertainment where 70% of the ads contain video.

Lesson to be learned: Interactivity breeds engagement and engagement leads to awareness and sales. How are you engaging your customers?