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The Taylor Brand Counsel Group sees digitally savvy moms as social media butterflies who flutter around the web connecting and conversing at a rate well above that of normal men.

According to the results of their recent survey, these moms are going to be a huge part of the buzz surrounding the London 2012 Olympic Games. Though they aren’t usually big sports fans, the Olympics are a whole different animal. More than half of the moms surveyed said they will be tuning in and talking up the event from the opening ceremonies on through the extinguishing of the flame.

This year will be the biggest in terms of coverage. NBC is committed to covering every single event. They’ll be live streaming over 5,000 hours of footage online and 272 hours on TV.  To go along with that, they have mobile apps for the tablets and smartphones.

Multiple screens will play a big part of this year’s Olympics, as it will give everyone in the household an oppourtunity to personal his own viewing experience. As for those social butterflies, 20% said they’d be turning to a device other than a TV in order to stay up to date.

Folks will also be using those mobile devices to “Sofalize” with friends. 51% of those surveyed said the Olympics are more fun when they can share the experience with friends and 72% of avid fans agreed.

Oddly, only 6% said they would be downloading an Olympic app and 40% said they were still depending on newspapers to keep them up with Olympic news.

Beyond what NBC is doing, there are hundreds of athletes with Twitter and Facebook accounts to follow, Foursquare and GetGlue badges to be earned, news coverage on every major media outlet and thousands of individuals who will blog, post, video and Tweet their thoughts about the event.

In Vancouver, we were just getting started. This summer, the London 2012 Olympics should break all social media records.