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It wasn’t long ago, we were talking about how attached we’ve all become to our cell phones, particularly our iPhones. A recent survey by Gazelle shows that the majority of iPhone owners would rather give up sex, even Facebook, than go without their phones for a weekend.

But when it comes to securing a place in our hearts, iPhones ain’t got nothing on tablets. The average tablet owner spends 13.9 hours a week caressing that smooth screen. 74% do it daily and 60% do it several times a day.

The numbers come from a newly released Online Publishers Association (OPA) report called “A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User – Wave II.

They found that tablet usage mostly happens at home between 5 and 11 pm. And what are they doing with their tablets? Mostly, accessing content.


As a full-time content producer, this news makes me squeal with delight! Okay, maybe not squeal, but it’s cool and it gets better. Not only do tablet users access content, but they’re willing to pay for it.

When it comes to how they purchase, one-time purchases came out pretty even with subscriptions for newspapers and magazines. For TV shows, 46% preferred buying an episode at a time, but 31% picked up full season packages so they never missed their favorite shows.

The study also found that once people paid for content, the ads became more meaningful. They rated them eye-catching, hard to ignore, relevant, and 39% said the ads motivated them to buy a product.

54% of content buyers bought something after seeing an ad on the tablet and 30% clicked an ad. Average spend on products from tablets was $359 dollars last year. Most of that was spent on media and entertainment, with clothing coming in second.

When I got my iPhone, people told me it would change my life. It did to some extent, but it didn’t have close to the impact of my iPad. Owning a tablet has literally changed how I shop, read, watch TV, even go to sleep at night. And clearly, I’m not alone.

If you’d like to know more about the impact the tablet is having on consumers, read the free report from OPA. Click here and magic elves will deliver it right to your screen be it a full-size monitor or a compact tablet.