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There is a lot of interest in teens these days. That’s not so special because there is always interest in teens. Of course most of that interest is self-generated. No one is more interested in teens than themselves which, in this ‘me, me, I, I’ social media world we live in, only enhances the already natural ability to focus on themselves with incredible intensity (I know from which I speak having a 15 yr. old daughter so don’t think I am writing in a vacuum here).

The folks at Common Sense Media put together an infographic from data collected in their report ‘Social Media, Social Life: How Teens View Their Digital Lives’. It’s an interesting look especially for marketers because teens today are growing up with social media as the norm vs. something you learn. That makes them very different and important to keep an eye on for the future.

What I picked up on was the desire to disconnect. This will be very important to marketers because this group will likely have some increased level of burn out around social media. Many adults are finding it to be too much and some of the expressed desires of teens to have different types of relationships from indicate that more may follow with time. With 43% of those questioned sometimes wanting to unplug and then 21% wanting their parents to as well, there is something happening.

How are you viewing the next generation of adult consumers? Are you adjusting your approach to meet their unique situation directly or are you going to try to make them conform to how ‘it’s done in the real world’? Good luck trying to force fit them. If you think they will fall right in line you may want to think again. Remember the part about me having a 15 yr. old? It’s real and, as marketers, you better prepare for it.

You have been warned.