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While some people do use Twitter simply to make a statement, many of us use it to share photos, videos, and links to articles (one’s we wrote and otherwise.)

To keep up with this trend, Twitter added an Expand feature that lets you preview a photo or video without leaving the Tweet.

Now, they’ve expanded Expand to include rich content from some of the top content providers on the web.

When you expand a Tweet linking to a news article by The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle or Der Spiegel Online, you can see a preview with the headline, the introduction and sometimes the Twitter accounts of the publisher and writer. You can continue to read the article, follow these accounts, and reply, favorite or retweet the Tweet.

They’ve also added exclusive photo content from WWE, Buzzfeed, and TMZ and video from Lifetime and DailyMotion.

Twitter says they’re rolling this out now but I haven’t seen it on my account. They also say it’s not ready for iPhone or Android and that’s just odd. When I’m on my computer, clicking through from Twitter to a webpage is no big deal, but when I’m on my phone, it makes a big difference. Kind of surprised that they didn’t roll this out for phones right away.

Also, why does this only work for some partners and not everyone who posts a link? Is that in the works, or will this always be devoted to Twitter exclusive content?

So many questions and so little time, and that’s why I love Twitter. It’s my go-to app for information and confirmation on things that are happening right now.. . like hey. . . was that an earthquake I just felt? Twitter gets me the answer and fast.