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Twitter is making many moves as of late that are somewhat quietly positioning the social service in its own nice little niche that helps it compete with Google and Facebook yet stay unique enough to not get buried by the bigger companies. In other words, it is clearly not a “me too” service and that’s good.

The latest effort is tailored trends that get away from giving the same information to everyone regardless of their interests but uses signals from the individual user to give more personalized trends based on preferences etc.

From the Twitter blog we get

Trends help you discover the emerging topics people are talking about on Twitter. You can see these topics as a worldwide list, or select one of more than 150 locations. In order to show emerging topics that matter more to you, today we’re improving our algorithms to tailor Trends based on your location and who you follow on Twitter.

The more that Twitter can do to get closer to the needs of the individual the better. I wonder, though, if this will help attract new users. It seems as if Twitter is used by either those who are completely immersed in social media (lots of industry types), celebrities looking to further brand themselves or the very young.

As a result, there are HUGE pieces of the general population that have no interest in Twitter or, at best, little understanding of the service. As a result, the data you get from Twitter is highly skewed toward specific groups which leaves little room for the gen pop to find it interesting since they don’t play in any of these areas. It’s almost a version of the 1% argument so popular with Occupy type folks.

But I digress. If you are a Twitter user you will see tailored trends sooner than later and that should be a good thing. Do you think so?