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Hip and cool Twitter has partnered with a major sports organization to promote their hashtag pages. Considering the NBA Finals are getting underway and Major League Baseball is in full swing those would be the logical choice.

Well instead Twitter, the Internet darling, is pairing with NASCAR and they are running their first ever TV ads to promote the union of Internet savvy and, well, rednecks. Here are two samples of the ads.

The hashtag page is described in a post from the Twitter blog that was posted last week.

This weekend, Twitter will take you onto the track, into the pit, and among the crowd at the Pocono 400 with You’ll discover the best Tweets, photos and perspectives from NASCAR drivers and their families, crews, commentators, celebrities and fans – all in a single timeline. You’ll also discover the #NASCAR page when you search or click #NASCAR on or

If you think about it this is really the perfect opportunity for Twitter and NASCAR. The ‘sport’ has been losing steam for several years now and it doesn’t have to worry about the integrity of the event like the NFL, MLB or NBA. In fact, NASCAR has moved so close to being the WWE that this kind of ‘experiment’ can do something to impact ratings or. at least, the attention it gets.

Is this something you want to see in other sports? At what point does the event lose its competitive interest and value when the focus is not on who can win the race or game but rather who gets the most tweets?