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Twitter was down for somewhere in the range of 30 minutes (give or take 20 minutes or whatever, I wasn’t really counting). There were plenty of folks taking full advantage of the chance to post on Facebook or get the quick post up during the great Twitter Outage for An Hour Or So of 2012.

Mashable reported

Twitter is down, let’s party like it’s 2007, 2008 and 2009!

The social network appears to be completely down (not a fail whale in sight). Visiting results in “no data received” messages and third-party Twitter apps such as HootSuite are giving out “Twitter API is busy” messages.

We first noticed the outage at around 12:13pm ET. The outage is impacting third-party apps, the official Twitter client’s and the Twitter website.

That coupled with the frighteningly tragic news that Facebook lost a whole .6% (yup 6/10ths of 1 %) of unique visitors from March to May as reported by comScore and Reuters and we have the most perfect storm of non-events that have occurred in, oh, a day or so.

Facebook’s U.S. user numbers dwindled in May from April and March, according to data compiled by research firm comScore, in the latest sign that growth may be leveling off at the No. 1 social network.

Last month, Facebook attracted 158.01 million unique visitors in the United States, edging lower from 158.69 million in April and 158.93 million in March, comScore said.

Dwindled? But wait it gets better. Despite this those few brave souls that still venture to Facebook have increased their time on the site a whopping .4% (yup, that’s 4/10ths of 1% when rounding up). From All Facebook

Reuters reports that users spent an average of 380.3 minutes on the site in May, up from 378.9 minutes in April.

We may have hit a point today where we can comfortably say that we are all taking this a little too seriously, don’t ya think?

UPDATE: 1:57 pm EST – Looks like Twitter is down again. Can’t a guy get a snide post off these days without this kind of reality interfering? Geesh.