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How do you really feel about the internet? Do you feel safe when you surf? Do you believe what you read? Do you think it’s fast, stylish, or behind the times?

Webreep posed those questions to 36,000 folks across seven different countries and they found that different cultures had very different views.

The most startling revelation? “Americans feel more safe on the internet than the rest of the world.” Who knew?

American’s were 23% more trusting than China, 30% more trusting than Spain, 33% more trusting than Russia, and 45% more trusting than the Australians. So Aussies are a suspicious lot, are they? Again I say, who knew?

Here’s a look a that results across the board:

Germans feel safe enough on the internet, but they don’t trust the information they find there. They gave Information Quality the lowest marks of any country. The French, on the other hand, appear to believe everything they read on the net.

The study also showed that both the French and the Spanish responded more positively to attractive websites. Such romantics. American’s preferred simple sites, saying that there was room for improvement in both ease of use and search. Many respondents were frustrated by their inability to find what they were looking for quickly, a factor that pushes them to return to the same tried and true sites over and over again.

And here’s a shout out to my friends down-under:

Recent research by Google for example has found that Australia is leading the world in terms of smart-phone adoption, with 37% of the population now owning one12. It appears that Australians are on average earlier adopters of communication technologies, and are quicker to take advantage of and master new technologies than the reference countries.

Good onya.

Overall, Webreep concluded that no matter where you are in the world, web loyalty and good word-of-mouth will follow any site that is easy to use with information you can trust. Those two concepts are universal.