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Facebook, the king of unannounced changes, has added a Call button to some profile pages. There’s no picture on the button and no description of what will happen when you click it – so I did and got a box saying I need to set up Video Chat in order to chat with the person whose button I pushed.

As usual, the rhyme of reason of who has the button and who doesn’t eludes me. According the the Facebook Video Calling FAQ page, two of my friends have video calling enabled. Neither has a Call button. Only one friend had a Call button even though he apparently doesn’t have video calling enabled.

Oh, the madness.

Obviously, Facebook is hoping that more people will use video chat if that button is right there reminding them of how easy it can be. I’m a Skype fan but I’ve never tried Facebook’s service, but then again, I’m sure I’m not the intended target.

Where this gets interesting is if they put the Call button on Pages. That would give people an option of reaching a human being for customer service issues right from Facebook. I mean, if we’re really talking about Facebook becoming a viable spot for ecommerce, then a Call button could go a long way toward making customers trust the page. Even if I never use it, it’s nice to know that there’s an easy contact option should my order go astray.

Will Call buttons show up on brand pages? Probably not, because as much as everyone talks about the importance of Facebook for business, business always feels like an afterthought. I get that the network was set up to connect friends to friends but now that brands have settled in to stay, it seems like Facebook could do more to make them feel at home.

Getting back to the Call button, it’s likely that more people will use it if they see it every time they log in. Not me, but people.

Have you tried Facebook’s video chat option? Would you use it for business or do you prefer to keep your face to yourself?