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You probably can’t afford to hire Kim Kardashian to hawk your jewelry line on YouTube but you might be able to afford a young YouTube fashion star who has a following all her own. To help you find her, YouTube is launching the Video Creation Marketplace, a platform designed to connect talent with brands of every size.

YouTube’s Baljeet Singh, told AdAge that there are already thousands of videographers making a living off their work. Many of them have already signed on to promote a brand but there are plenty more who are anxious to gain sponsorship.

The Video Creation Marketplace will feature profile pages showing a YouTubbers interests, their demographics, keywords and stats. Potential partners can peruse the list then make an offer and YouTube will stay out of it. They’re not getting involved in negotiations, they’re simply providing the platform.

This is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to move into the video space. Producing your own videos is time consuming and overwhelming and not everyone enjoys seeing themselves on camera. With the marketplace, any business should be able to find a current YouTube channel that fits their brand and their budget.

No production problems. No need to build an audience from scratch. All you do is provide the products and write the check. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Watch for the YouTube Video Creation Marketplace to bow later this summer.