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As if we needed another indicator that video is something most, if not all, marketers should be paying attention to, right?

Nielsen started to measure the streaming output of thousands of YouTube partners in May of this year and their findings show that the top of the list brings YouTube some rather serious traffic. When looking at the chart below do remember that YouTube as a whole gets about 136 million unique visitors a month from the US who stream some 16 billion videos.

So what should this be telling you as a marketer? Hopefully not that you need to start to stream music videos to get attention for your brand since many of these top performers from Nielsen’s findings are doing just that.

No, instead it should reinforce the notion that online users are used to video viewing. However they use the Internet for their entertainment certainly influences how they use it in other areas.

Let’s try a totally fabricated scenario here and see if you would agree in how this might play out in real life. You are a marketer in the B2B space, let’s just say you are marketing automation software. You have a prospect who is starting to truly investigate their options with regard to marketing automation software for their manufacturing company. As a first action they assign a mid-level person, let’s just say someone who has been with the company for a few years out of college and is starting to make their presence known in the firm. As a result they are given some responsibility to ferret out who the company should and should not consider for an RFP. In their spare time this person is a typical millenial Internet user and consumes A LOT of video online in a variety of places.

Now that they are tasked to weed through the myriad options for marketing automation software they head online to do initial discovery and to establish the initial group of 5 companies that will compete for their business. His or her choices come down to 10 companies that are all well known. 5 of them, however, have done a superior job of creating video presentations for their service while the other five are not as slick or simply have not gotten to that point yet. Who do you think has the upper hand?

Regardless of whether or not the companies whose video presence is lacking actually have superior quality products, they may be left out of the hunt because their message was simple in the wrong medium in a video driven age.

So what’s the lesson here? You must consider how your product is able to be ‘pitched’ via video. It’s that simple. Whether your business is large or small people want to know what you do in the quickest and easiest format for them. So what if you feel that video is too expensive? So is losing business to lesser competitors because you are counting the wrong things as important in your business.

You get the point, hopefully. We talk a lot about video and its importance but are you doing anything about it that will impact the bottom line? If current usage patterns are any indication you better be or you will be left in the dust.

So ask yourself today, where are you in your video marketing strategy?