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The next time you’re out in public, take a moment to notice how many people are using their mobile phones. Grocery store, train station, walking in the park. Two people sitting across from each other at a restaurant — both using their phones. On the freeway (yikes!)  And don’t forget those people who appear to be talking to themselves. They’re using an earbud, so they’re probably never off the phone.

Of course, all these people aren’t on a call. They’re texting and playing Words with Friends, and they’re looking for a place to have lunch, or a new pair of shoes.

A new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) shows that 69% of mobile phone users never leave home without their trusty mobile companion. For many, it’s become an extension of their arm and there are days when even I wonder how I managed without one.

Check this out:

Tablets don’t get out much, but they have a good time at home. 68% of tablet owners say they use it for entertainment. This is a breakthrough area with streaming movies from sites like Netflix, new episodes of current TV shows on network hubs, and billions of YouTube videos just a swish and a poke away. Then there are the games, the books, the music, just browsing the web is more entertaining on a tablet.

But it’s not all fun and merriment. Almost half of those surveyed said that mobile devices make them more efficient. That’s a point I think many marketers are missing. Mobile is supposed to help you get things done faster and easier and folks don’t care if your brand name is at the top of the app, as long as it makes their life simpler.

Drop down two lines on the chart and marvel at this, more people said mobile helped them be more successful in their personal life than in their work life. I can’t begin to imagine what that’s all about. Thoughts?

The IAB report is loaded with interesting information, but let’s end with this; time of day.

Time of day also has a direct impact on how consumers use their mobile devices. For smartphone users, the three most impactful media moments of the day are:

Early Morning – When they first wake up, nearly 20 percent access social media

– Almost a third (28%) cite “free time” windows during this time period that allow them to access media

Primetime Evening
– Both general media and social media consumption spike during primetime TV viewing hours

Take a look at your social media posting. Knowing that the window is short, are you sending out your posts at the right time? You’re probably sending them during the day, but after 8:00 pm might be better, especially if you’re working with entertainment products. Marketing something that will help folks get through the day (lunch deals, office supplies, news) hit those early morning hours and start their day off right.

How do you feel about your mobile devices? Extension of your arm or a handy unit that you can take or leave?