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As marketers we like groups. We put people in groups to identify them by their traits, habits, desires and more. That way we can figure out (to the best of our ability at least) what we can show them that might be of interest to them so they might buy whatever it is we are pitching. It’s the way of the world of commerce.

Lately, no category of people gets more praise and abuse in the same breath than the almost infamous Millennials. Praised by some as high-minded, socially conscious, tech savvy and driven by doing good while vilified by others as self-centered, narcissistic, entitled whiners, this generation creates a lot of interest mainly because there are a lot of them and they are going to be filling the void in business left by aging baby boomers.

Whether you want to get to know these folks or not there will be no ignoring them in the business world. Based on the findings in the following infographic from MBA@UNC you better study up. (Note the first bit of data which shows nearly 2/3 are concerned about the social media policy when looking for a job. Yikes. Can you say productivity killer?)

What’s your take on millennials in the workforce? Will their tech savviness translate into business knowledge and acumen or will they just do what they want how they want to regardless of the circumstance?

Let’s hear it in the comments!