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If you are an advertiser (a deep pocketed brand advertiser that is) and are looking for the most bang for your advertising buck that will reach beyond the ad itself, it looks like big sports events may be the way to go.

According to a study conducted by Bluefin Labs (via eMarketer) reports

Social TV analytics firm Bluefin Labs reported that in the first half of this year, major sporting events accounted for seven of the 10 most-talked-about TV programs online, with awards shows taking the remaining three spots.

Here is the list of the top social comment TV shows from the first half of 2012

The Super Bowl makes sense but the surprise (to me at least) was that all other top sports leading in social comments in the top 10 were from the NBA, save one.

So why should advertisers be excited? Are these people talking about the ads? Well, for the SUper Bowl yes. The SUper Bowl is either for the super brand or the super daring. History has been mixed on the true value of a SUper Bowl ad but companies keep doing it year after year.

The NBA, however, would be interesting to look at in greater detail. I have not seen this kind of research but I would have to think that brands still get some serious attention just as a by product of the game and the social interaction. Maybe people stop going to the refrigerator at commercials and use that time to catch up on their social media output?

Why do you think sports appears to provide the perfect blend of TV and social at this point in time?