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The online world is becoming less and less ‘siloed’ (I am pretty sure that is a ‘made up’ word but I am sticking with it) each and every day. While some individual marketing activities carry merit as a standalone function, it is safe to say that most digital marketing efforts don’t achieve their maximum result without being integrated with other online marketing activities across platforms and channels.

It’s this very reason that our advertising offers here at Marketing Pilgrim, which grew up as primarily display, are now intended to help advertisers through content development as well as promotion through various other digital channels (Interested in learning more? Contact us about Marketing Pilgrim channel sponsorship opportunities today).

A recent study from eConsultancy and Responsys, as reported by eMarketer, show just how marketers are taking this awareness from theory to application.

Is this a revelation of sorts? Well, yes and no. It’s no surprise that the integration of multi-channel marketing efforts is more effective in the modern world of online media. To think that just a display ad will be effective on its own in today’s myriad of advertising options is a bit naive. Ad blindness alone can kill a ‘display only’ mindset. But the fact that your display ad shows up around content or the message is seen in other formats at other places that your prospect goes is critical to understand for marketing success in the online world. What is a revelation, though, is that this practice may be in its infancy and has plenty of room to grow

So just how are marketers looking to integrate their display into other channels. Take a look.

So how do you currently integrate display in cross-channel programs? Are you finding some channels fare better than others?

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