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While many are trying to figure out the best way to get the most from the mobile world that we now live in, it looks like eBay may be an early champion to look to for ideas. The trouble is, not everybody has the advantage that eBay does in the space so maybe this is just something to be admired rather than replicated?

All Things D reports

In what is becoming a routine move, the company said [yesterday] during its second-quarter earnings release that it is now expecting eBay and PayPal mobile to each transact $10 billion in volume this year.

“That’s more than double 2011,” said eBay’s CEO John Donahoe, who called it “a staggering surge” in mobile commerce that did not exist just a few years ago.

Each transact more than $10 billion, with a ‘b’? Wow. Even if it is two mega players those are ‘step up and take notice’ numbers for sure.

Donahoe was cautious in saying that this is a trend beyond eBay. In fact, he pointed out the very reason why eBay and Amazon may have competitive advantages that others simply cannot match.

It’s hard to say which retailer is a leader in mobile. Others, such as Amazon, have been reluctant to disclose how much traffic is coming from mobile devices. Donahoe said there are obvious leaders, like Amazon and eBay, but beyond that he questions if other retailers are doing significant revenue on mobile.

“If you think of it as an app-based world, we aren’t going to carry around a Neiman Marcus app and a Walmart app and a Best Buy app. By being a marketplace, it’s a single app that gives you access to a lot of things. That’s why we are getting viral traction on it.”

Heck, if this were about search engines and this kind of rhetoric was being tossed about there would be a flock of media hungry congressman swooping in to deliver letter of concern regarding competition etc. But it’s not so we’ll wait to see if someone needs some camera time in Washington, DC and decides to start asking questions.

How are you viewing mobile commerce in your business? Is it something that makes sense? It’s not a necessity for everyone especially in the B2B space but could it become more of an expectation especially in the retail world?

What are your thoughts on these numbers from eBay? Seems like even eBay has been caught off guard by the sheer volume of mobile transactions. Are you surprised as well?