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Facebook Adds New Recommendations Bar

Facebook had a rough day yesterday after the announcement of the company’s performance during its first quarter as a public company. The stock had a brutal day. But they did manage to make an announcement of the new Recommendation Bar

All Things D tells us

The feature acts like so: As users read articles on a Web site and scroll to the bottom of the page, the bar pops up with other story suggestions from the site. Those recommendations are based on articles that users’ friends have already “Liked,” and only articles from within that particular Web site.

To further engagement and traffic, stories users have read are published on their Facebook Timelines and appear in the News Feed, luring their networks of friends into checking out the article, as well.

Facebook knows that it needs to help people and publishers alike in order to make the Facebook impact as closed as possible. It’s a good thing for Facebook and ultimately could be more incentive for businesses to use Facebook.

It is likely that we will be seeing some serious innovation from Facebook before the next quarterly call because the company can’t afford to have too many more days like today.