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Facebook is known for randomly changing things and annoying millions of users in the process. Well, not this time. This time, they got it right.

Facebook has announced a change to the way photos are displayed and it’s large. . . your pictures, I mean. This is what your photo pages will look like going forward:


Pretty, huh? This page is extra cool because she’s doing fun things in a cowboy hat, but I bet this new design will make everyone’s pictures look cooler.

Gone are the ugly thumbnails, the even rows and boring layout. With the new photo design, you choose which photos to highlight in the same way you highlight a post. Easy, I assume, because my account hasn’t switched yet, so I can’t test it.

Photos are a big part of Facebook, but I’ve always been put off by the way they handle them on the site. The interface felt sloppy and amateurish. This new page is what an online photo album should look like.

Though the Facebook announcement post doesn’t say for sure, I assuming that this change will apply across both Profiles and Pages. Once this happens, spend a little time cleaning up your branded Pages, (delete outdated photos, highlight a few, create new albums) so you make the most of this photo opportunity.