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Over the past few months, Foursquare has completely reinvented itself as a discovery engine. Check-ins are still a huge part of the app, but now they’re not just for fun and bragging, now Foursquare is a useful tool for both customers and business.

The newest feature is Local Updates. It’s a system that allows businesses to send in-app messages to their most loyal customers. On the user side, these messages show up in the friends feed and there’s an option to shut them off (so don’t get heavy handed with your postings.)

On the business side, Foursquare has upgraded their merchant dashboard so it’s easier to read and use.

They’ve made it easier to implement and reactivate special deals, they’ve improved the insights tab, and if you have multiple locations, they made it easy to post to one, some, or all of them with a tick of a box.

As for the Local Update feature, it could be a major tool for small business owners. You can post text or photos and automatically share them to Twitter or Facebook. The posts go out to your regular visitors and they reside on your company Foursquare page so new customers can see what’s happening.

Use the new system to post sale information, daily deals, new items, events, or simply to remind your customers that you’re there to serve them. One short message is all it takes to make a customer visit you instead of your competitor.

Kudos to Foursquare on this one.