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This post comes from our Email Marketing Channel Sponsor AWeber.

Although it’s not a holiday, Friday the 13th has morphed into a very special occasion.

We get caught up in superstition, and the idea of bad luck and things going horribly wrong on one particular day almost seems rational.

But as marketers (and human beings), we actually screw up quite a bit. From minor errors to epic fails, none of us are immune — not even marketing rock stars.

Marketing All-Stars Have #FAIL Days, Too

If only we didn’t feel so isolated when those emails slip out with a glaring subject line typo or a missing call to action. Or go to the wrong list. Or simply fall flat.

Who better to console us than the marketing all-stars whose books and blogs we read?

That was precisely the thinking behind our Email Campaign Confessions project.

We asked a bunch of email pros to share stories of their own foibles, flops and email campaigns gone wrong. Then we taped their confessions, and what they did to bounce back, to reinforce important lessons and provide comfort the next time things go awry with our campaigns.

We’ve whittled them down to our Top 10 Confessions, with situations ranging from a three-part error and bad timing to syntax and the perils of batch-and-blast. We have included three of them in this post for you to watch.

Enjoy this bit of Friday the 13th fun and remember that, the next time you screw up an email, you’re in very good company.

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