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Streetwear online shop Karmaloop has teamed up with Twitter on a clever, social media promotion. They’re asking fans on Twitter to create a hashtag worthy of being featured on a T-shirt. Anyone can submit a tag, then it’s up to the masses to choose their favorites.

Currently at the top of the pack: #MomentofTruth, #FreeNiro, and ironically #DontFollowTheHype.

The rules say you can submit a whole Tweet but there are only a few scattered through this week’s offerings, so apparently the majority of fans aren’t imaginative enough to come up with a whole sentence.

The contest was inspired by Karmaloop’s #TEES Collection, a line with #hashtags from youth culture icons like Clinton Sparks, Hopsin, Freeway, and Chris Webby. And I’ll be honest here and say, I have no idea who any of those people are.

What I like about the concept is that it’s so simple and yet so powerful. The hashtag, once only a means of categorizing data, has now become a culture icon in itself. You’ll always spot at least a couple of them in Twitter’s trend sidebar and companies are constantly striving to create one that will catch on.

#threewordstoliveby, #WhatsThePoint, #ThatsSoAnnoying, #winning, #snakeonthetown

Karmaloop also gets points for giving the power to the people. Directly involving fans in the creation and voting process is like hiring thousands of social media interns to do the work for you.

If you were going to submit a marketing related hashtag, what would it be? Sorry, I don’t have a prize for the best answer but I will retweet it if you come up with a tag I like.