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It’s Fourth of July week, everyone is just coming off of Apple and Google developer conference overload so we are starting this week with something a little different.

Marketing Pilgrim is looking to expand and we are trying to find the right people to help do just that.

While the usual title of a post like this would be “Marketing Pilgrim Looking for Guest Bloggers” I decided to go about this a little differently. If you saw the lame pitches for guest blogging I see every day you would shy away from the term as well. I think someone who calls themselves a content specialist may have more on the ball (or I could just be crazy in thinking that the name means anything at all 🙂 ).

Here’s what we are looking for in our content specialists

-Hungry subject matter experts who are looking for an avenue to build their reputations as thought leaders in the Internet and Social Media marketing industry. Some folks who have used the Marketing Pilgrim platform as part of their industry resume include Dave Snyder of SteelCast, Ben Wills of Ontolo, Anthony Long of Concentrate Analytics, David Vogelpohl of Marketing Clique, Joe Hall of 22Media, Taylor Pratt, Simon Heseltine of the Huffington Post Media Group, Brian Chappell, Brent D. Payne of Loud Interactive, Carrie Hill of Key Relevance and Michael Gray.

-Willingness to create content on a regular basis. If you show up once and then flake out that doesn’t help you or Marketing Pilgrim.

-Experts or budding experts in areas such as:

Paid Search
Google Plus
B2B marketing
Internet law
Affiliate marketing
Social CRM
Local internet marketing

Well, you get the idea. We are not restricted to just those areas either.

– Someone who has something to say other than what everyone else has already said. Let’s face it. The Internet industry “press” can be like a roomful of parrots talking about the same things over and over again. We would like to avoid that.

– Someone who is not looking to get paid. This is a chance for wider exposure for you. We are not hiring staff writers now.

So what do you think? Are you ready to throw your keyboard into the ring? We would love to hear from you. Here’s how you do it.

1. Send an email to [cs AT marketingpilgrim DOT com]. Tell us your area of expertise and some post ideas you have that would get our readers attention and, more importantly, make them think about what they are doing.

2. Be patient. We will be entertaining these e-mails for the next few weeks and we will be in contact with you about next steps if there will be any.

We are excited to hear from those of you who see this as an opportunity to expand your reach. We look forward to hearing from you!