Netflix Breaks Own Record with 1 Billion Hours Viewed in June

In June, Netflix customers sat down to more than 1 billion hours of TV, movie and clip viewing on the former-mail-order-only service.

The announcement came via Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings’ Facebook page. Which seems odd to me, but then Hastings’ track record in regard to public speaking hasn’t been the best.

Netflix’s milestone is significant for several reasons.

1. It proves you can come back from the brink.

A little more than a year ago, Netflix was in deep trouble with subscribers not only jumping ship, they were actively campaigning to take their friends with them. Reed Hastings spoke too soon about anticipated changes to the system and then his quick turnaround on the subject made things worse. Now, here they are breaking records for viewership. Just shows you what you can get away with when you’re the best game in town.

Marketers Focusing Less Effort on Facebook?

If you are Facebook you are probably hoping that the whole IPO thing gets smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror as quickly as possible. The scrutiny that the social media giant has faced in light of its newly acquired responsibility to shareholders has created as many doubters as supporters. Hey, the love affair had to cool down at some point, right?

The latest bit of data that can be used against Facebook (if one chooses to do so) comes from the firm 33across. According to their findings, marketers are moving in the direction that makes Facebook less of their concentration rather than more. Th chart below comes from their findings. It’s a little tough to see so we apologize in advance.

I am not sure that this is really anything for Facebook and their fanboys/girls to worry about too much. This kind of question and the increase in those paying attention to the rest of the web is more indicative of the evolution of marketers rather than the decreasing importance of Facebook.

The Local Store Advantage In An Online World

Offline retailers have been struggling with the move by many consumers to doing their shopping online. The move online is continuing so rather than lick their wounds these supposed retailing dinosaurs are finding that they may actually have an advantage or two to exploit over the pure online play.

Many online retailers will put their hand on their belly, lean back and give their best “Oh, that’s rich!” accompanied by the look of derisive sarcasm at the mere thought that a physical store can be an integral part of the increasingly online world. If a recent article from the New York Times is to be believed that is a mistake of youthful arrogance that may come back to haunt them. With new attitudes and approaches even the practice of ‘showrooming’, where shoppers look at items in a store then buy them online from elsewhere, can be combatted.

Happy 4th of July!

Here in the United States, today is the annual celebration of our country’s independence.

We here at Marketing Pilgrim are grateful on days like today. A day to remember, a day to celebrate and a day to reflect.

We hope you have a good and safe mid-week break to do what you do on the 4th. We look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.

Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Marketing Pilgrim!

Karmaloop Turns Twitter Hashtags into T-Shirts

Streetwear online shop Karmaloop has teamed up with Twitter on a clever, social media promotion. They’re asking fans on Twitter to create a hashtag worthy of being featured on a T-shirt. Anyone can submit a tag, then it’s up to the masses to choose their favorites.

Currently at the top of the pack: #MomentofTruth, #FreeNiro, and ironically #DontFollowTheHype.

The rules say you can submit a whole Tweet but there are only a few scattered through this week’s offerings, so apparently the majority of fans aren’t imaginative enough to come up with a whole sentence.

The contest was inspired by Karmaloop’s #TEES Collection, a line with #hashtags from youth culture icons like Clinton Sparks, Hopsin, Freeway, and Chris Webby. And I’ll be honest here and say, I have no idea who any of those people are.

Facebook Says Advertisers Need Patience, Then Pushes New Like Ad to TV

Brad Smallwood, head of measurement and insight at Facebook told a reporter for the Wall Street Journal that “it takes about a year to get the results of one campaign.”

That line appears as the final statement in a piece about how Facebook is trying to woo back GM who earlier this year pulled 10 million dollars worth of ads off the social network.

Let’s revisit that line again; “it takes about a year to get the results of one campaign.”  A year? As in 365 days worth of paying for ads to run on a very popular website but I shouldn’t expect to see any results until I’ve burned through the whole 10 million dollar budget?

What Is A Brand Advocate?

The most desired yet often times most elusive type of customer that any marketer wants is a true brand advocate.

It’s that person is someone that is not simply acquired. They are an earned and genuine fan. Of course, that’s the way it really should be since buying someone or paying them isn’t advocacy. That’s just promotion and flimsy promotion at that.

Social media agency, Zuberance, recently did a report which looks at what they refer to as three surprising things about brand advocates. From the “I’ve gotta be honest here” department I will say that I wouldn’t find these things as surprising. Interesting, yes but not a shocker. Of course, would you look at an infographic that was titled “Three Things You Probably Were Might Already Be Aware of Regarding Brand Advocates”? Asked and answered. Enjoy.