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eTailers Ponder: Why Consumers Don’t Buy Toilet Paper Online

I bought toilet paper from once. It was one of those gazillion roll packs. It was reasonably priced, with free shipping. It arrived the next day and went straight on to the garage shelf for storage. Easy peasy. But I never did it again. Why? Honestly, I’m not sure.

Mostly, I think it’s a learned behavior. Toilet paper and paper towels come out of the grocery budget so I buy them when I go grocery shopping even though they take up too much room in the cart and are annoying to deal with at checkout and in the car.

Shopping for those items online was easier, but it meant making a special trip to the online store in order to complete the purchase.

Twitter Severs Ties to Instagram: Smart Business or Bad Move?

These past few weeks, Twitter’s been the two-year-old jumping up and down next to mom while she tries to work. They announced targeting for Promoted Tweets, covertly revealed their plans to make a web series and as of tonight, they’re all over the Olympics.

But you know how those toddlers can get into trouble and Twitter has been true to form. On Thursday, the site went dark for more than an hour, the second big outage in under two months. They say it was a server issue and that even their redundant systems failed. I think it’s a conspiracy to test the reaction to a nation left without social media and specific internet services because on the same night, Amazon, IMDB, and Netflix all went down. Coincidence or carefully planned madness?

Google Fiber To Keep Internet Moving in Kansas City

Back in March of 2011, Google announced that it was going to provide fiber Internet connectivity to Kansas City, KS after it had been chosen from over 1,100 areas who vied for the chance to let Google connect its town to the Internet speeds of tomorrow. Soon after the ambitious project was expanded to include the more well-known Kansas City (the one across the border in Missouri) as well.

Fast forward to January of this year and the project was experiencing technical difficulties. Well, Google announced yesterday that the project is set to truly move forward as Google Fiber is now ready to reach those who want it in the Kansas Citys.

Here is fun little video that Google put together showing where Google Fiber fits on the evolutionary scale of Internet connectivity. Oh and their use of a rock classic is pretty clever as well.

So what are the specs of this new service?

Facebook Adds New Recommendations Bar

Facebook had a rough day yesterday after the announcement of the company’s performance during its first quarter as a public company. The stock had a brutal day. But they did manage to make an announcement of the new Recommendation Bar

All Things D tells us

The feature acts like so: As users read articles on a Web site and scroll to the bottom of the page, the bar pops up with other story suggestions from the site. Those recommendations are based on articles that users’ friends have already “Liked,” and only articles from within that particular Web site.

To further engagement and traffic, stories users have read are published on their Facebook Timelines and appear in the News Feed, luring their networks of friends into checking out the article, as well.

Facebook Reports Earnings, Just Beats Expectations But Stock Tumbles

Today has been called many, many things in the press. I personally like Thursday because it’s about the only thing that isn’t drenched in hyperbole (like our wonderful headline).

For Facebook today is their real coming out party of sorts. But the party is getting mixed reviews. The managed expectations were met on revenue but some feel they were managed low (maybe Zuckerberg is channeling his inner Steve Jobs?).

There was a net loss of $157 million.

The stock market had reacted during regular trading hours by taking about 8.5% away from the stock price. After hours the plunge has continued. At this writing (5:13pm EST) the stock has dropped nearly another 10% in after hours trading.

New Study Says Moms Rule on Facebook, But Dads Rule Everywhere Else

I am now convinced that you can find a study on the internet to prove anything you want to prove. Case in point, this slide from the new Performics Life on Demand study.

Top of the chart is Facebook. More women visit the site than men and 95% of users pop in at least once a day. That makes sense.

Moving on to YouTube, men and parents visit more often than women. I’ll buy that.

Twitter has more men than women. . . .I would have called that a toss up, so okay.

On Pinterest, parents especially DADS are more likely to visit daily. Dads? As in the male members of the species, visiting Pinterest more often than moms. And not by just a little either, 71% vs. 55%.