Google Adds Handwriting Recognition to Search

Google has just released a new feature that falls into the “cooler than it is practical” category of updates. It’s called Handwrite, and it’s the ability to search Google simply by writing on your mobile phone or tablet screen.

When I saw this, my first thought was, ‘wow, we’re moving backwards.’ Think about it. We developed voice recognition to get the hands out of the process. Driving? No problem, just tell Google what you want. Carpel Tunnel? No handwork involved. Easy.

But Google insists that there are times when voice activation and even keyboard use is impractical.

“Say you’re standing on a busy street corner, in a bumpy taxi ride, talking with a friend, or sitting on the couch with your tablet.”

Seeking More Professional YouTube Video, Google Shows New Creator Space

Whenever online video is discussed in business the question always arises about the level of professionalism required to make the video effective. Some say in the business world it should be professionally produced while others feel that a certain amateurish touch lends more personality to the video.

Regardless of your stance, the folks at YouTube are interested in helping people move away from the complete amateur production by introducing their first Creator Space in London. Take a look at the video of the new offering.

Big Sports Events Get Most Social Buzz on TV

If you are an advertiser (a deep pocketed brand advertiser that is) and are looking for the most bang for your advertising buck that will reach beyond the ad itself, it looks like big sports events may be the way to go.

According to a study conducted by Bluefin Labs (via eMarketer) reports

Social TV analytics firm Bluefin Labs reported that in the first half of this year, major sporting events accounted for seven of the 10 most-talked-about TV programs online, with awards shows taking the remaining three spots.

Here is the list of the top social comment TV shows from the first half of 2012

Twitter Goes Hollywood and Gives You a Chance to Relive the Past

Twitter has also been on a “new and improved” rampage over the last few months and it looks like there’s even more in store. Yesterday, I wrote about how Twitter is pushing to become more of a news maker and less of a news aggregator with their Olympic hub site and interactive content.

Now, I see that Twitter is talking to Hollywood producers about producing video content for the blurby network. As crazy as that sounds, we’ve already seen a Twitter account turn into a TV series, so why bring the TV series to Twitter?

This week on Law & Order: Special Tweeting Unit, the team investigates a series of death hoax Tweets in #justinbieberisnotdead

Foursquare Adds Another Option for Marketers: Promoted Updates

Oh Foursquare, you’re making me dizzy with all these new changes and options! Last week it was the Local Update, this week it’s the Promoted Update.

What’s the difference? Dollars.

The Foursquare Local Update option is a way to communicate with your fans via short posts that appear on their wall, kind of like that other social media network. These posts are free to send but they only go out to people who have checked-in to your location.

Promoted Updates go out to any user in your area who might be interested in what you have to offer. For example, if I search for lunch venues in Laguna Beach, I might see a Promoted Update from a new cafe I’ve never tried. So, basically it’s Adwords for Foursquare, which is pretty neat.

Back To School Alert! Google Adds Scientific Calculator to Search

When my oldest daughter started high school last year I had to buy a calculator for her. It wasn’t my idea, it was mandated by the school district. If Google had in place what it has today, I would’ve saved some cash and probably made my daughter more efficient (since she has to lug yet another ‘losable’ device around with her).

Yesterday, Google announced that it offers a 34 button scientific calculator that is voice enabled to its search when people are looking to do some “cipherin'”. Take a look for yourself

The full functionality shows up on a smartphone if you search in landscape mode as well. TechCrunch tells a bit more about the voice capabilities

Display’s Future Hinges on Integration With Other Digital Channels

The online world is becoming less and less ‘siloed’ (I am pretty sure that is a ‘made up’ word but I am sticking with it) each and every day. While some individual marketing activities carry merit as a standalone function, it is safe to say that most digital marketing efforts don’t achieve their maximum result without being integrated with other online marketing activities across platforms and channels.

It’s this very reason that our advertising offers here at Marketing Pilgrim, which grew up as primarily display, are now intended to help advertisers through content development as well as promotion through various other digital channels (Interested in learning more? Contact us about Marketing Pilgrim channel sponsorship opportunities today).

A recent study from eConsultancy and Responsys, as reported by eMarketer, show just how marketers are taking this awareness from theory to application.