Is Facebook’s Popularity Falling On Its Face? [Infographic]

With Facebook’s first quarterly earnings report looming this Thursday, there are so many questions being thrown around that it can make one’s head spin.

Will they be profitable? Are they committed to advertisers or users first? Will Mark Zuckerberg do anything at all?

Well, ahead of the big event we find an infographic from the folks at SodaHead, which looks at just how popular, or even unpopular, Facebook is these days. They even threw in a little opinion about Apple products as well. Take a look and weigh in on how you see this.

Are you one to say that Facebook’s position is precarious for the long run or is there no way that the Facebook juggernaut gets stopped?

Google Underestimates 16GB Nexus 7 Tablet Demand

Google may have a hit on their hands with the Nexus 7 tablet. How do we know? The first hint is that they have stopped selling the 16GB version but not because of a problem. Well, it is a problem of sorts in that Google apparently underestimated demand for the 16GB version to the point that they have stopped taking orders and created a waiting list get it when it becomes available again.

Mashable reports

Demand for Google’s 7-inch Nexus 7 tablet seems to have well exceeded the tech giant’s expectations.

Last week, Google posted a message to its online store saying that shipments of the 16GB model were delayed one to two weeks. Now, the store has stopped taking orders altogether.

Those who want to purchase the $249 version of the tablet are told to sign up to be notified by e-mail when it is back in stock.

8GB Nexus 7 tablets are still available.

Here is what is believed to be the first ad for the tablet to help you see what you my not be able to buy. It emerged on YouTube (Hat tip to The Verge)

Twitter Adds Targeting to Promoted Tweets

Earlier today, I mentioned that relevance was one of the top factors in earning customer trust. Well, Twitter is gonna help you with that because they’ve just added targeting to their Promoted Tweets.

Last week, if you pushed a Promoted Tweet out into the world, it landed on the pages of all of your followers regardless of where they lived and how they accessed the web. In most cases, this would not be an issue, but if you want to promote a special sale on ice cream in New York, it’s simply not fair to tease the people in Los Angeles with a deal they can’t get in on.

Survey Says Reviews, Not Likes Influence Consumer Trust

Trust is a big factor when it comes to buying anything online be it a .99 music download from iTunes or $5,000 wedding dress. Customers want to feel secure in the knowledge that they’re getting a quality product from a reliable source, that the item will arrive in a timely manner and there will be customer service help available should they need it.

One of the sources people use to determine a company’s trustworthiness is social media, but it’s the reviews, not the likes that sway them one way or the other.

Even Without aQuantive Charge, Microsoft’s Online Division Loses $1.92 B in Fiscal 2012

The debate following yesterday’s Microsoft earnings report is around the fact that the company posted its first ever loss. That news was tempered by the fact that it took a $6.2 billion goodwill impairment charge from the acquisition of aQuantive. As a result many are saying that aside from that massive charge Microsoft had a good year and is doing fine.

I don’t dispute that at all. In fact, it is very smart and healthy to look deeper in to these numbers to truly understand what is a one time event and what the actual condition of the company is overall.

Facebook Quietly Announces Major Analytics Flub

Recently, you might have noticed a pop-up when visiting your Facebook Insights page informing you of some changes to the way their reach figures are calculated.

“Fair enough,” you probably thought, “They’ve got a burgeoning user base and spammers, scammers, and a whole other lot of potential confounding variables to weed out.” If you clicked though, you found that the change was something much more breathtaking.

As of July 3nd, Facebook’s reach metric will include both mobile views and will now only count a ‘reach’ if a user scrolls down and loads a Page’s story. Take a second, let that sink in. Maybe read it one more time.

Foursquare Business Update Lets You Talk to Your Followers

Over the past few months, Foursquare has completely reinvented itself as a discovery engine. Check-ins are still a huge part of the app, but now they’re not just for fun and bragging, now Foursquare is a useful tool for both customers and business.

The newest feature is Local Updates. It’s a system that allows businesses to send in-app messages to their most loyal customers. On the user side, these messages show up in the friends feed and there’s an option to shut them off (so don’t get heavy handed with your postings.)

On the business side, Foursquare has upgraded their merchant dashboard so it’s easier to read and use.