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Burson-Marsteller recently released the results of its third annual Global Social Media Check-Up Study and YouTube came out as the big winner.

The yearly report examines social media usage among the Fortune Global 100 companies, including Ford, Sony, Walmart, and HP.

82% of these companies are now maintaining YouTube accounts, the biggest jump up across all of the social media platforms. These channels average 2 million views each and have an average of 1,669 subscribers.

That’s almost 2,000 people who willingly checked the box to get updates from a branded, commercial channel. That’s like intentionally sitting through the commercials when you watch a TV show on the DVR.

Of course, these companies have to work hard to keep those subscribers engaged. Simply putting up boring 3 minute commercials for their products isn’t going to do it. Samsung’s doing it with an ad that shows extraordinary people doing amazing physical tricks. Walmart features DYI and cooking videos to help you stretch your budget and HP shows how technology is making the world a better place.

Social media is about engaging the customer and the study says it’s becoming second nature. 79% of corporate Twitter accounts use retweets and @ replies to make customers a part of the plan. They also say the 70% of companies respond to comments on their Facebook page. This is a much higher estimate than we’ve seen in the past.

Take a look at the overall rise in social media usage in the past two years:

Look at Twitter, out pacing the other networks. Even beating Facebook. That’s a surprise. And there’s Google+ snagging almost half of the top 100 companies in the country. That’s nothing when you see that little sister Pinterest has already captured 25%. That’s a big number for a site that’s nothing but shared graphics.

What’s really amazing is the growth over just two years. Figuring we’re never going to hit 100% across the board, it looks like we’re close to reaching the top on these charts. Another year, maybe and then the top 100 companies are pretty much all in. Where do we go from there? Down? Or will a new social media option make the list? No one saw Pinterest coming, so it could happen.

Account numbers are fine, but the best news comes from further into the report.

93% of companies update their Facebook page at least weekly. This is up from 59% in 2010.

So we aren’t just building accounts, we’re actually using them and finally, we’re learning to use them right. Every day companies big and small are coming up with ingenious ways to engage their followers on social media.

How are you getting your followers to pay attention? Let us know in the comments below.