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[Insert message about this technically being a sponsored message, but not really as Andy also technically owns this site, blah, blah, blah]

Trackur may be in its fifth year, and it may be approaching its 50,000th registered user, but the social media monitoring platform is not resting on its laurels.

As of today, Trackur has added automated sentiment analysis to all of its paid social media monitoring plans. Yes, even the uber affordable $18 a month plan!

According to the blog post announcement:

Trackur’s automated sentiment analysis looks at the specific keyword you are monitoring and then determines if the sentiment towards that keyword is positive, negative or neutral with the document. That’s weighted the most in our algorithm. We then also take into account the overall sentiment of the document, but to a lesser extent. We believe this gives you a much more accurate picture of the sentiment towards your saved search.

Now, when you view your dashboard, you’ll see the sentiment icons start changing automagically before your eyes. We’ll continually work to improve accuracy, but if you see any item that is mislabeled simply click on the correct sentiment icon to change it.

Automated sentiment analysis rolls out today for all paid plans. It’s our first iteration, but the accuracy is pretty high. We have plans to continually improve it, but we wanted to get this in your hands ASAP. And, the good news is that we’ve been able to add automated sentiment analysis without any price increase. 🙂

Pretty cool huh?  Not as cool as my ability to write this post as if Trackur had nothing whatsoever to do with me. 😉

Why are you still here? Automated sentiment analysis in an awesome social media monitoring tool that costs just $18 a month. Go! GO!