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Earlier today, I mentioned that relevance was one of the top factors in earning customer trust. Well, Twitter is gonna help you with that because they’ve just added targeting to their Promoted Tweets.

Last week, if you pushed a Promoted Tweet out into the world, it landed on the pages of all of your followers regardless of where they lived and how they accessed the web. In most cases, this would not be an issue, but if you want to promote a special sale on ice cream in New York, it’s simply not fair to tease the people in Los Angeles with a deal they can’t get in on.

Now, Twitter has tweaked their system to allow advertisers to choose a specific geographic area for their Promoted Tweets. As in the British Airways ad you see here. The deal is only for people in the UK, so only the UK followers will see the ad.

The new system also allows you to target based on platform, which confused me at first. But then I thought it through. If you’re advertising an iPhone game, Twitter’s new tool will let you send the ad only to those who access their timeline using an iPhone. Smart.

You can also exclude mobile or desktop as a whole, or choose from a range of other mobile devices.

It’s beautiful in its simplicity. By allowing marketers to target specific locations and devices, ads can be customized for ultimate relevancy! Launch dates, live events, local deals, or just speaking the native language — targeting lets you do all that and more.

Twitter wants your advertising business and they’re working hard to get it. For that, they get my gold star of the day.